Wilderness class hosted by David Eddleston, Executive Director of Friends of the Badlands Wilderness. The juniper (big one) in the photo Gallery – Oregon Badland Wilderness is estimated to be at least 2000 years old by University of Oregon Botany Department! They just confirmed one in this area at 1684 years old and the one David took us to see is predicted to age out at 2000+. The tumulus “inflated” lava ridges are over 100 feet high and are sliced in the middle from differential cooling. The one in our pictures is going to be named the Crook County High School Wilderness Management Lava Ridge in the new Wilderness Management plan that is coming out next year!

The Forest Management class is hosted by Libby Rodgers and Priscilla Johnson from the Crook County Soil and Water Conservation District. We constructed 55 wire protection rings and planted willows, red ozier dogwood and elderberry along Ochoco Creek just east of Prineville. Students had a great learning experience while protecting stream banks to enhance steelhead habitat.