Players Guidelines

CCHS Athletic Code of Conduct

Student Athletes
Attend and positively participate in all scheduled practices.
Follow directions as communicated by the coach promptly and effectively.
Accept seriously the responsibility and privilege of representing the school and community by displaying positive public actions.
Accept authority and supervision in a positive manner at all times.
Communicate effectively with the coach and teammates.
Work cooperatively with the coach and team members as a problem solver.
Demonstrate loyalty to the school, coach and the team.
Treat fellow students, opponents, their fans, and all adults with dignity and respect.
Refrain from conversations that foster dissension.
Respect judgment and integrity of contest officials; abide by rules of the contest and display appropriate behavior at all times.
Be a positive role model for fellow athletes.
Live up to the high standard of sportsmanship established by the Crook County High School Athletic Department.
Avoid public displays of anger and/or displeasure.
Understand and support athletic programs and their expectations as defined in Participation Standards for Crook County High
School Athletes.
Understand team rules, discipline and feedback techniques of coaches.
Avoid public displays of anger and/or displeasure. Be a good role model for your sons and daughters by positively supporting teams in every manner possible.
Leave coaching of the team, playing time, position, and placement on junior varsity or varsity to the head coach and staff.
Approach before, during, and after games with positive comments. Withhold negative comments regarding the game, athlete(s) or coaching until such time that the concern can be addressed in an atmosphere conducive to effective problem solving.
Act as a positive role model for fellow coaches and athletes.
Encourage and inspire athletes to reach their whole potential by providing positive feedback during practice, contests, and team
sponsored activities.
Teach, critique, and encourage in a way that shows dignity and respect to everyone.
Accept seriously the responsibility and privilege of representing the school and community by displaying positive public
Integrate personal philosophies of athletics with CCHS philosophy of athletics and education.
Participate in clinics, safety studies and professional growth opportunities.
Treat all participants of the inter-scholastic program equally with dignity and respect; i.e., students, coaches, parents, administration, spectators and officials.
Teach and enforce the local and state rules of eligibility, athletic codes, procedures and other relevant district and state policies.
Develop, maintain, implement and evaluate sound program goals, training plans, practices and procedures.
Maintain a current knowledge of and abide by the current rules governing inter-scholastic athletics.
Maintain effective communications with school and district administration, teachers, parents/guardians, students, booster clubs, media and community organizations.
Demonstrate loyalty to staff and programs within the district through cooperation, communication and encouragement of multi-sport athletes.
Develop positive working relationships with parents.
Avoid public displays of anger and/or displeasure.
Keep accurate financial and, inventory records of uniforms and equipment and make such available to Athletic Office.
Keep accurate rosters and data and make such available to Athletic Office.
CCHS Athletic Attendance Policy
1. Students must be in attendance at school for at least one-half of the regular academic day before they are allowed to practice or compete on that day. Excused absences included.
2. Any unexcused absence automatically excludes a student from athletic participation in practice or competition during that day. If the unexcused absence occurs on Friday, the student will not be allowed to compete on the weekend.
3. Attendance will be monitored daily by the Athletic Director and Coach. Those students who do not comply with  attendance policy will be immediately removed from practice or competition.
4. There will be zero tolerance for attendance related issues.
5. Coaches may have additional team rules regarding attendance, however those must be cleared by the Athletic Director, and communicated to parents, players prior to season.



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