Upcoming Leadership CDE’s


Ashlyn Hacker

Leadership CDE’s are where FFA members get a chance to show their skills at public speaking and/or parliamentary procedure.  These are both skills all members should have to be an efficient leader in their chapter.  To improve public speaking there are five different public speaking events.  Creed speaking, advanced public speaking, sophomore public speaking, beginning public speaking, and extemporaneous speaking are the five public speaking events members can participate in.  Creed speaking is normally done by first year members were they are required to memorize and recite the creed to a group of judges.  Advanced, sophomore, and beginning public speaking are where members write, memorize, and then recite a speech to the judges.  Extemporaneous speaking is when a member goes and is given a topic then thirty minutes to write a speech which is then given in front of the judges.  Both advanced and beginning parliamentary procedure teams are made of six people.  Members come to the topic to debate around twenty one different topics.  Once the contest begins, three topics are picked at random per rotation and the president of the team that’s up in the chair runs the session.  Each session is timed and each team gets a chance up at the chair.  This year, our chapter brought an advanced parliamentary procedure team which placed third.  A numerous hours was spent practicing and preparing for the contest, and everyone did a great job.  Overall, it was an exceptional contest and everyone did a superior job at arguing the topics given.