Support through Service:  The Crook County FFA Alumni

Raquel Middaugh


The Crook County FFA Alumni chapter takes care of the Land Lab that is located a couple miles out of town and is located on Barnes Butte Road. The alumni grows and sells potatoes, corn, and hay on the property with the help of the FFA members as a way to support the FFA chapter. This year our corn, due to a late freeze, did not do very well, but our potatoes were a huge success. The public loves it. We raise a lot of money for the chapter from the produce off of the land lab, but it does not come easy.  We spend several hours hand weeding each summer and fall with the hope that our potatoes will outcompete the weeds.

The Land Lab would not be a success without the help of the Alumni.  The Alumni is always helping our chapter out. They play a huge role at the Land Lab and love seeing our chapter succeed. Without the Alumni our Land Lab wouldn’t be as successful as it is. They always lend a helping hand. Every year they help us plant our potatoes and our corn. The Land Lab is something that we put our pride and joy into. Rain or shine we are always getting the work done.

FFA kids are not the only ones to take pride and joy at the Land Lab; there are a few 4-H members that house their animals out there as well. The Land Lab is super beneficial to the public, for kids to house their 4-H/FFA animals it allows for more kids that do not have a place to house them an opportunity to join in on the fun of raising animals.

We would love to have more members of our alumni.  If you are looking for a way to support the members of the local FFA chapter, please contact Mr. McNary to see how you can get involved with the program.