Leadership Camp

Leadership Camp: Where the Journey Begins

Paige Clark

Being a leader is always a huge role to have no matter what situation you’re in. A leader can be anywhere from someone just standing up for another person or someone who is in charge of a whole group. As an FFA member we are all leaders to ourselves as well as to the people and communities around us. As an incoming officer of an FFA chapter we get an opportunity to attend a leadership camp down at Suttle Lake near Sisters Oregon. This is a chance for each different officer to get to learn truly what their role is as an officer, what their position means, and what they need to do to become a leader of our chapter. We were able to spend time with our state FFA officers and have them teach us our roles and show us different ways to improve yourself, others, and our chapters. Each chapter was also able to do their opening and closing ceremonies as part of a Career Development Event at the camp. It was a great experience for everyone and definitely something new and fun. It was a great impact on how I felt I should go about my officer position I learned it’s not just leading a group but it’s listening to everyone in the group and taking everyone’s ideas not just your own. It was an amazing time and something that should be kept going and help kids really understand our purpose within FFA. I am grateful for being able to experience something so great as this and I truly hope many other kids after me are able to as well.