FFA Leadership

FFA Leadership:  What it means to be an officer.

The Crook County FFA Officer Team

“FFA has been getting people involved and doing things they are good at and love for many years. It’s such an incredible organization and I’m incredibly lucky to have had the chance to become a part of something so huge. I originally joined FFA to meet new people and show cattle through FFA but as I began to become involved and compete in different Career Development Events I soon realized how much more there is to the organization. I’ve been able to travel to new places, try different events, and develop so many new leadership skills I will be able to use throughout my life. I am currently the President of the crook county FFA chapter officer group. Being able to work my way up to being the leader of our chapter has been such a great experience as well as accomplishment for myself. This has given me the opportunity to lead younger students into greater accomplishments and allow them to see how many different things they are able to participate in through the organization. Every time I’m involved with a group or new activity I find myself as well as others developing leadership as well as amazing communication skills. Working with my officer group can sometimes be a challenge whether we are not in agreeance or just not communicating correctly with one another. This gives us a chance to improve our teamwork skills and build a stronger bond between us and our chapter as we find different ways to come together. I have enjoyed being in FFA and this will be my final year after four amazing ones. I will always remember what great things I was a part of and use the skills I learned. Being in FFA and being an officer of my chapter is an unforgettable experience.” – Paige Clark, President

“As a Freshman, I always enjoyed FFA meetings and was very fascinated with opening ceremonies. My older cousin, Anthony, was Treasure that year and that’s what I was going to run for. After running, I ended up becoming Secretary and was very pleased with my accomplishment! The following year, I strived even higher and was going for Vice President, and after getting the chapters vote, I got it! Being VP has impacted my FFA life in a very positive way. I have enjoyed being apart of the program and leading the chapter alongside the rest of the officer team. My favorite part of being an officer is going to the Central Oregon Leadership camp to better my skills and prepare me for the upcoming challenges I will face. Being at camp, I got to connect and learn with others in Central Oregon in the same office as me. I am excited to see where the rest of this year takes us and to hopefully get voted into President this April.” – Jaycie Puckett, Vice President

“I found a passion in showing cattle in the 7th grade. Heartfelt moments in the showring, and the blood sweat and tears put into it. My freshman year I decided I was going to join FFA. Little did I know this would be the best decision of my life. FFA isn’t just about showing animals, it’s about being a leader, and helping others. My freshman year I decided I would run for a chapter office spot on the team. I was elected the 2015-2016 chapter reporter. I was in complete awe of what the next year of serving was going to hold. After my year of service it was time to run again, not only for chapter office but also district office. State convention rolled around and it was fine for district officer elections. I gave my speech and then it was time for elections. I was elected district Treasurer for the year 2016-2017, as well as chapter secretary. Running for office and becoming a leader changed my life for the better. And for that I am extremely thankful.” – Riley Box, Secretary

“Hi, my name is Tansy Clark and I am the treasurer of the Crook County FFA chapter. As the treasurer my duties include keeping an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements. I also hold an important place in our chapter’s officer team because I offer another perspective and insight into many discussions. Through FFA I have learned and possessed new skills that I can use in my everyday life. Some of these include the various leadership, communication, and skills that help me to work better with others. After being a part of the Crook County FFA organization for two years now I have grown to love working with others, as well as those in our community.” – Tansy Clark, Treasurer

“At first, I was not sure whether or not I wanted to run for a chapter office my first year in FFA.  After talking to other members and friends who all encouraged me to run, I decided to take their advice and do it, and I am thankful I did.  My officer interview and speech at the meeting were both nerve racking, but I feel they both helped teach me important skills I will need to know in life.  As the chapter reporter, it is my duty to help inform the public on our chapter, as well as our members on what is currently going on.  I attend all of the meetings and try to be at any other events in which we are talking to the public about our chapter.  As the chapter reporter, I have write any articles or statements that need to be written.  Being an officer also means I try to help at any event or activity and encourage members to get involved.  Running for a chapter office is one of the best things I have decided to do.  I have learned more about responsibility and how to be prepared, as well as how to improvise, as an officer, skills I believe I’ll need for the rest of my life.” – Ashlyn Hacker, Reporter

“In the past year, I have had the opportunity to serve as the Crook County FFA chapter sentinel. When I had begun FFA as a freshman, I would never have never thought I’d serve as an officer in FFA considering I can be perceived as shy. Although I am shy, being a chapter officer has given me the opportunity to go out of my comfort zone and pursue and create dreams I would have never thought about. While serving as an officer, I have met numerous sentinels from around Oregon who have lead me in the direction to being the greatest officer I can be. In this position I have better learned to communicate and making sure that everyone feels welcome. Although I enjoy being the sentinel in my chapter, I have hopes, dreams, and goals to becoming another chapter officer position, along with running for a district officer position in the next year. Being a chapter officer has taught me many exploits to which I will use as both an officer and overall human being.” – Daisy Forseth, Sentinel

“My name is Abigail Papke and I am a senior at Crook County High School. I have been a member of the Crook County FFA Chapter since freshman year. I am currently the chapter historian and the Central Oregon FFA District Sentinel. I have participated in multiple contests and events in the chapter, district, state, and nation. My favorite events I have participated in are the Leadership CDE, Christmas Tree Lot, and Livestock Judging. I have participated in the Leadership CDE three of the four years I have been a member. My freshman year, I represented Crook County in the Creed Speaking contest where I place second at the district level and fourth at the sectional level. Junior and senior year, I was a member of our chapter’s advanced Parliamentary Procedure team where we placed first at districts and second at sectionals last year and third at districts this year.


Every December, our chapter runs a Christmas Tree Lot at Les Schwab Tire Center here in town. We purchase trees from a Christmas tree farm in the valley. We sell trees to the public here in Crook County and fundraise for our chapter. We use this opportunity to advertise to the community about FFA and teach them more about what we do in the chapter. It also gives us a chance to bond as a chapter and expand our knowledge about forestry. It’s one of my favorite events of the year.


During livestock judging, we place 4 animals in different classes of species and give reasons to judges on why we placed some of the classes the way we did. I have been participating in this contest since my sophomore year. As a part of a team of 5, we have competed in contests at Jefferson County, Deschutes County, and State Fairs. My first year competing at State Fair, we placed 4th overall as a team, and last year, we placed 6th. This contest has given me a greater understanding and appreciation for animals and livestock.


I love being a part of FFA. It has taught me leadership, discipline, and responsibility. I have achieved things I never knew possible, become more aware about the livestock industry, and opened new doors for me in so many ways. I encourage everyone to learn about the FFA, what we do, and get involved in some way.” – Abigail Papke, Historian