County Fair

What We’ve Worked For:  SAE on display at the county fair

Daisy Forseth

An average amount of seventeen members participate at both the horse and livestock county fair. This gives members the chance to exhibit their hard work whether it be livestock, horses, or even static exhibits. A fellow member, Ashlyn Hacker states, “County Fair is great way to show all the hard work and dedication you put into your project all season.” Each member that participates at county fair enjoys their time and has the ability to earn awards at the FFA awards ceremony directly following the ending of fair on Sunday. The members that have SAEs, supervised agricultural experiences, have to keep accurate records of their projects leading up to county fair.
Many members decide to show both market and breeding animals to which they either sell or breed. In having a market animal, members learn about financials, consumer demands, and how to efficiently choose an animal with good market confirmation. By having a breeding animal, you learn how to choose an animal for breeding confirmation, financial losses along with gains, and the overall process of breeding. Although we did not have members in the last year which exhibited static projects, static projects are a great way to show the hard work that you have either learned from both CTE courses or from other personal experiences. County fair gives the members of the Crook County FFA Chapter a chance to promote agriculture in many different ways.