Independent Living Skills (ILS)


Our mission is to teach the skills that are necessary to be successful adults in the community as well as independent living skills.

Purpose of Program:

The Independent Life Skills Program provides an intensive, specially designed and individualized program for Special Education students ages 14 – 18.  Students are provided intensive specialized instruction that may not be available in other learning environments


  • Communication skills  Life skills
  • Social skills
  • Self-help skills
  • Assistive technology devices  Adaptive PE

Individualized Instruction:

A range of instructional components used in the ILS program is based on careful and ongoing analysis of each student’s learning style and needs. Although no one strategy is right for every child, the following instructional techniques are among the ones typically used:

  •  Structured teaching
  •  Sensory integration
  •  Ecological analysis
  •  Picture Exchange System
  •  Communication intervention  Social Stories
  •  Behavioral analysis and intervention  Inclusion

With many years of education and specialized training, the Special Education staff develops individualized instruction that is provided at the functioning level of each student. 


Paraprofessionals are key players in this intensive and individualized program. They provide ongoing direct support to the students. All ILS paraprofessionals work closely with the Special Education teacher and other program specialists. They receive training in the following areas:

  • CPR and first aids
  • Basic understanding of the various disabilities (Autism, Intellectual Disability, Orthopedically Impaired, Communication Disorder, etc.)
  • Structured teaching techniques
  • Data collection and observation
  • Teaching social skills

Parent Involvement:

Parents play a key role in their child’s learning by participating in team meetings and providing staff with input and insights about their child. Throughout the year, the district offers parent training on a variety of topics and works with parents individually so that they can support their child’s program and facilitate learning at home.

Team Approach:

The ILS program provides a multidisciplinary team for each child. Each child’s team includes: the parents, Special Education teacher, regular education teacher, speech therapist, paraprofessionals and other specialists as needed. Other members of the multidisciplinary team may include:

  • An occupational therapist to focus on fine motor skills and sensory integration issues
  • A physical therapist to focus on gross motor development
  • A psychologist to conduct any needed assessments and to help develop behavioral plans and
    applied behavioral analysis
  • A school nurse to help parents and staff understand issues related to medications that the child’s physician might recommend


Crook County High School ILS

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Special Education/Transition Instructor

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