The Oregon Promise

What is the Oregon Promise?   

This webinar is for current Oregon Promise recipients and the school staff that work with them. We explain how to remain eligible for the grant, how to renew the grant, how awards are calculated, and other key information.

What does the Oregon promise 90 credit limit mean?
This is a limit on the total number of college credits you have attempted. Once you have attempted a total of 90 college credits, you are no longer eligible for Oregon Promise. All of the following types of credits count toward the 90 credit limit: College credits you take while in high school or as part of a high school completion program. College credits you take during summer term ( Oregon Promise does not pay for summer term). College credits you take at another college or university while dual-enrolled at a community college. College credits for courses you withdraw from or fail. Any other college credits you attempt or complete prior to and during your time as an Oregon Promise recipient.


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