Educational Resource Program

Welcome to the Educational Resource Program

The educational resource program provides support to students as they work to earn either a regular or modified high school diploma.  Students with learning disabilities can often struggle in the school environment and the resource program provides academic and motivational support to reach the goal of a diploma.

Special education teachers

The special education teachers are responsible for  teaching and co-teach classes that help students be successful in multiple academic areas. The teachers also provide case management to individual students to prepare and implement individualized education plans (IEPs).  

Instructional assistants

Instructional assistants  are placed within the classroom to support the students while the class is in session.  This allows for real-time interaction that leads to students having a better understanding of the material being taught.  The instructional assistants also provide re-teaching when the students are struggling to grasp a concept.


The program operates with two goals in mind.  The first is that the students graduate on time.  The second is that the students are prepared for the next step in their life and have a career pathway to follow. 


  • Teaching executive functioning and organizational skills
  • Providing re-teaching
  • Working with students to develop a growth mindset. 
  • Developing and implementing appropriate accommodations
  • Creating a supportive environment to help support each student.

Parent Involvement

The resource team works with the parents to create student success.  Teachers and parents meet to plan for the appropriate educational supports and work together to address any concerns.

CCHS Educational Resource Program Staff

Kim McBride | Special Ed./Transition Instructor

541-416-6900 ext. 3171


David Johnson | Special Education Instructor

541-416-6900 ext. 3158

Lindsey Haskins | Special Education Instructor

541-416-6900 ext. 3158

Jake Gonzales | Special Education Instructor

541-416-6900 ext. 3158

Anthony Carmack | Special Education Teacher

541-416-6900 ex: 3758

Patty Bates | YTP Specialist

541-416-6900 EXT. 3186

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