AP & Concurrent Credit


College Credit/Advanced Placement (AP) class are college-level courses that you can earn college credit through dual enrollment and/or the AP Exam.  Students are eligible to take an AP Exam in a specific subject area.  A student who earns the required score on an AP Exam may be granted the equivalent of credit for a one-year college course when they enter college.  All AP courses are graded on a 5.0 scale.  The granting college or university determines the amount of college credit granted.  The exam is developed by the College Board and is given nationally.  Crook County High School offers the following AP Courses:

  • AP Calculus                  
  • AP US History                          
  • AP Literature & Composition                    
  • AP ChemistryAP Stats                         
  • AP Human Geography                                                                                  
  • AP Physics
  • AP Government

*AP courses have the possibility for dual enrollment for college credit. 


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