On Friday April 1, seven young women from Crook County High School were given the opportunity to tour a variety of workplaces in Crook County. The objective of the tour was to expose them to some less traditional trades for women, including paramedic and EMT, IT jobs and other occupations that are connected to a data center, construction sites, helicopter and fixed wing aviation, and politics. The young ladies were treated to lunch with Mayor Betty Roppe, and toured Facebook, the Crook County Fire and Rescue site, and the hangar where the Samson Motors Switchblade is being engineered and built. They also were given a comprehensive overview of aviation careers in fixed wing and helicopter aircraft with a host from Hillsboro Aviation.

The field trip was a joint effort between Crook County High School’s School-to-work Coordinator, Joe Becker, and Youth Transition Program Coordinator, Ramona McCalister. The students were accompanied by Joe, Ramona, GariLynn Tocher, and from the High Desert Education Services District, Deb Pertner.