Thank you Facebook for awarding 6 grants totaling over $25,000 for high school related causes! We could not do what we do without all your support.

Crook County High School & Middle School- Track and Field – $1,500
To provide a laptop and Hy-Tek for the high school and middle school track teams to run larger and more efficient track meets, bringing more teams and business to Prineville.

Crook County Foundation – $5,000
Funding local high school bands and family activities for the Picnic in the Park kickoff celebration.

Crook County High School Computer Science Dept. – $8,000
To provide essential tools and supplies to provide student training in programming, video production and electronics.

Crook County High School Science Department – $8,000
To further outfit the physics and chemistry lab, and life science lab. Purchases include 12 Lab Quest Minis, 12 blood-pressure sensors, 12 EKG sensors, 6 oxygen sensors and 3 Lab Quest 2 Interfaces.

Crook County High School Senior All Night Party 2014 – $2,500
To pay for a venue for the alcohol- and drug-free, senior all-night graduation party. Students and parents raise all funds for this celebration.

Crook County High School Youth Transition Program – $3,500
To purchase the computer, software and associated hardware for point-of-sale training in the YTP program and the special education department.