Ramona McCallister

In 2013, Crook County received its first YTP grant and hired Ramona as our first YTP specialist. Ramona worked diligently to develop our program. She formed relationships with Jefferson County School District’s YTP specialist, Vocation Rehab counselors, and YTP coordinators to bring innovative programs to the transition students of Crook County School District.

In the past six years, Ramona has helped Crook County develop a YTP program that is outstanding and a model for transition services in our community. She has touched the lives of countless students and families. Ramona has helped our program to grow from one to two YTP specialists who consistently meet or exceed the benchmarks established by the YTP grant. She has shared her experiences across the state and encouraged our students to tell their stories of success.

Ramona is creative and innovative in her approaches to helping students succeed. She implemented an internship program, taught pre-employment skills classes, help a Crook County Student create a self-employment plan, and assisted our developmental disability students to become working members of our community. Ramona exhibits the admirable traits of integrity, enthusiasm, compassion, and resourcefulness.

This will be Ramona’s final year with Crook County, but she will leave a lasting legacy, and a well-established and vibrant YTP program.