NJROTC Goals and Objectives

The NJROTC mission and goals are governed by laws passed by Congress, rules and procedures established by the Naval Service Training Command (NSTC), and school policies and regulations. These goals are met by teaching to established core values of the United States Navy:

  • HONORI am accountable for my personal behavior. I will be mindful of the privilege I have to serve my fellow NJROTC cadets and classmates.
  • COURAGEI will strive to maintain the moral and mental strength to do what is right, with confidence and resolution, even in the face of temptation or personal adversity.
  • COMMITMENTThe day-to-day duty of every young man and woman in the NJROTC program is to join together as a team to improve the quality of our unit, our fellow cadets, our classmates, and ourselves. Cadets will be expected to know and remember the three R’s:
    • Respect for yourself,
    • Respect for others, and
    • Responsibility for all of your actions.

The program provides cadets with tools and skills they can use to succeed in high school, but far more important, these tools and skills will be useful for the remainder of their lives.

The objectives established by NSTC for the NJROTC program are to:

  • Promote patriotism by instilling or enhancing in cadets a love of their country, respect for the flag and pride in the government and our way of life.
  • Develop informed and responsible citizens by teaching cadets an awareness of their responsibilities, duties, and rights as citizens.
  • Promote habits of orderliness and precision to help cadets understand that the development of good habits and order in one’s life has assisted others to achieve high levels of success.
  • Develop a high degree of personal honor to show cadets that these personal qualities are found in most of our successful leaders.
  • Promote an understanding of national security, explaining the need for armed forces and the relationship between armed forces and a democratic government.
  • Develop respect for a democratic society. Why do we have laws and governments? What are the other choices?
  • Promote community service. Community service teaches the cadet responsibility and humility. NJROTC teaches what public service is all about: responsibility as a citizen.
  • Provide incentives to live healthy and drug free. The NJROTC program helps cadets develop an understanding of the consequences of the decisions they make. Drugs and unhealthy lifestyles take away from cadets’ potential and hurt their chances for success in life.
  • Develop leadership potential. NJROTC gives many opportunities for leadership at all levels. For example, first year cadets can be assigned as squad leaders, color escorts in platoons, drill teams, and color guards. Second and Third year cadets can become officers and part of the unit staff.
  • Provide an alternative to gangs. The values, principles, and self-discipline taught in NJROTC promote positive, productive behaviors and provide a support structure that is critical in helping cadets develop positive life skills. Cadets derive self-esteem from belonging to NJROTC.
  • Promote high school completion. A good high school education is a stepping stone to future success as education is a life-long journey. Nearly 60% of NJROTC cadets continue on to higher education.
  • Provide information on the military as a possible career. A career in the military offers members of the armed forces high-tech training, college credit, good pay, and exceptional opportunities for advancement. Although NJROTC is not a recruiting program, about 40% of NJROTC cadets choose to join the military.

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