Karen is an Educational Assistant and Work Crew Leader at Crook County High School.

“My job at Crook County High School has been exciting, challenging and a joy. I have worked in a variety of classes over the years as a teacher’s assistant. This semester I am in an English and World Cultures class. I am responsible for the Study Center making contacts, doing paperwork and setting up jobs for the Work Crew. Our goal isn’t so much work skills as much as it is ‘soft skills’…teaching them to respect themselves and others, how to get along with someone they are working with but don’t like, how to present themselves in public, follow directions, learn call-in procedures for a job, work ethics, teamwork, and my overall goal: how important it is to be a good man.

I love the kids and the people I work with. I have made friendships in every school I’ve worked in, as well as in the community because of this job. I love being able to make a difference in someone’s life and always appreciate how they make a difference in mine. I will miss being able to keep everyone in the district informed on how the rodeo team is doing. I will miss my work crew boys.”