Today Facebook announced they will be funding a number of projects that will have a direct impact on CCHS students. In total, over $47,000 was awarded by the Prineville Data Center to help CCHS! Thank you!


Crook County High School Computer Science Department – $6,000 Funding annual licenses to the CODEHS digital classroom, the online program that serves as the primary content for CCHS’s Intro to Computer Science elective class. Additionally, the grant will support a Professional Development Membership for the course instructor.


Crook County High School English Department – $13,000 Purchase 64 Chromebooks for two CCHS English classrooms, which are currently without access to computers.


Crook County High School – Stadium Upgrade – $15,000 Funding for a new sound system and football scoreboard for the stadium, replacing a system that is over 30 years old. The stadium is used year-round for school sports, community fundraisers and graduation ceremonies.


Crook County High School – Swivl System – $6,500 Purchase 10 Swivl devices and 10 iPod touch devices, to upload class sessions so students can see the class online. Swivl is a video collaboration tool, a lecture capture platform, an observational coaching solution, and a video conferencing portal.


OSU Open Campus Juntos Program – $6,600 Establish a Juntos program in Crook County – an OSU extension effort that helps Latino high school students graduate and attend college.