We are taking 9 boys and 8 girls to the state meet this weekend.  WOOOO HOOOO!!!!!
Our boys ended up being the district champs for the 3rd straight year, with our girls in 3rd by just 9 points.
Dominic Langley was the Field Athlete of the meet and Emmett Bailor and Victor Ramirez were the Track Athletes of the meet AND the MVP’S of the meet.  

Our very own Ernie Brooks was once again the Tri Valley Coach of the year!!!!!!
It is so nice to see Ernie get recognized for all the hard work that he puts in to make sure our athletes improve,
work hard but still have a lot of fun while out on the track or in the field.


State Qualifiers:




100  Victor Ramirez  1st place
Adrien Fournier  2nd place                       
100 Kaeli Hancock  2nd place
200    Adrien Fournier   1st place 400   Grace Kasberger   2nd place
400   Victor Ramirez   1st place  800   Alyson Thomas    1st place
800    Emmett Bailor    1st place 300 Hurdles    McKinzee Mode   2nd place
1500  Tyler Lawson     2nd place 4 X 400  Rylee Troutman     2nd place
Emma Hehn        McKinzee Mode                                                                                  Grace Kasberger
3000  Tyler Lawson      2nd place Discus    Kenna Woodward 2nd place
Javelin    Rylee Troutman    2nd palce
300 Hurdles   Emmett Bailor 1st place     High Jump Rylee Troutman  2nd place
4 X 100  Victor Ramirez  2nd place
Adrien Fournier
Noah Carmack
Emmett Bailor
Pole Vault Faith Wagner    1st place
4 X 400 Dominic Langley   1st place
Victor Ramirez
Adrien Rournier
Emmet Bailor                                                                                  
Javelin  Jason Slawter    1st  place
Long Jump Dominic Langley  2nd place
Triple Jump   Noah Carmack  1st  place
Dominic Langley 2nd place
Pole Vault Noah Chaney  1st place
Neil Chaney    2nd place

Other District Placers:

400  Shane Viescas   5th place
Reilly Connolly  6th place
100 Paige Kump    8th place
800 Shane Viescas   3rd place
Roman Stenback 7th place
200 Kaeli Hancock  3rd place
1500 Cade Catterson   4th place
Noah Chaney      5th place
400  Rylee Troutman  4th place
 3000  Miles Chaney    3rd place 800  McKinzee Mode   3rd place
Grace Kasberger  4th place
110 Hurdles  Jonas Rice   3rd place
Noah Carmack 7th place
1500 Trinity Templeton 7th place
Javelin Casey Wagner 7th
Cameron Kleffner 8th
3000 Trinity Templeton 6th place
Discus Darrien Langley  3rd
Cameron Kleffner  4th place
Tyler Humeston   7th place
100 hurdles   Emma Hehn  6th place
Jenae Mapes  8th place
Shot  Tyler Humeston  4th place
Cameron Kleffner  5th place
Darrien Langley    7th place
300 Hurdles  Jenae mapes   6th place
High Jump   Dominic Langley  3rd place
Tanner Gibb      7th place 
4 X 100  McKinzee Mode   3rd place
Esther Brewer
Paige Kump
Kaeli Hancock
Pole Vault  Jonas Rice   3rd place                         Javelin  Alyssa Davis   8th
Long Jump   Theron Hale 4th place
EJ Allen   6th place                                                                                    
Discus     Alyssa Davis  4th
Samantha Black 6th place
Triple Jump  Eliab Rice  5th place                            Shot Kenna Woodward 4th place
Pole Vault   Leahlynn Cates    5th place
Long Jump    Grace Kasberger  4th place
Jenae Mapes   8th place
Triple  Jump   Faith Wagner 6th place
Emma Hehn  7th place