students in classroom with computers

Access to computers and the use of technology to enhance learning are essential in our world today. All Crook County School District classes have access to technology as appropriate to support learning for all of our students. Since 2007, Crook County Middle School (CCMS) has been using Chromebook computers in a 1-to-1 (1 computer for every 1 student) program in their classrooms.  Chromebooks are lightweight notebook computers that connect to the Internet through the Google Chrome browser and allow students to access programs and store their work on a central network. As of this fall, we have expanded this program to Crook County High School, giving every Crook County student in grades 6-12 daily access to computers. Students carry their computers from class to class, using them for research, classwork, and to access class assignments. At CCMS, students return their computers to their homeroom at the end of the school day. At the high school, students are encouraged to take the Chromebooks home and use them for their homework and projects. In addition to supporting student classroom learning, students learn computer application skills and Internet safety to help prepare them to be successful as they move to college and careers.