The Crook County High School girls’ basketball team is the top 4A academic basketball team in Oregon. These young ladies work hard to keep their grades up while taking advanced high school and college level courses. They are involved in not only basketball but many play 2 or 3 sports. If you don’t see these girls in the gym, you will find them studying or tutoring other students. The following incident sums up how these young ladies value their academics. We were going to miss 2 days of school to go to a basketball tournament and were planning on leaving Thursday before school. Some of the girls approached me and asked if we could leave after 1st period because they did not want to miss 2 days of Advanced Chemistry. I am so proud of how much importance they put on their academics and it showed by being the top 4A girls basketball team in Oregon. — Coach Heidi Lea, Crook County High School Girls Basketball